Opal Vol. 001

Totem New Earth Systems - Whitepaper
An immense megalith of 33 meters in height hovers unchallenged, inches above the wake of the ocean below.
At its rounded base, endless insignias light up with an ethereal glow, piercing through the grey stone. In the middle is a colossal Opal gemstone consisting of hydrated silica, semitransparent, and displaying many small and large points of shifting blue colors that almost sear the eyes.
As your sight wanders up the four remaining layers of the Totem, countless symbols burst with bright rays. This grand wonder rotates, expands, and contracts as you stare up and reach the source of its power.
A divine etched crystal exuding absolute energy crowns the tip of the Totem, fitting faultlessly within its stone bust.
In the same way that Opal gemstone permeates the megalith, this Opal white paper permeates all that the Totem ecosystem is. It pays tribute to its vision and then forges it with high quality utility to create a stunning reality.