Blockchain community hosting tools
AXIS is Totem’s community interface and toolset. Here you can connect and co-create with other community members and get exclusive access to experiences, rewards, and tools.
Communities are at the center of the Totem ecosystem, and they are the force through which ideas coalesce into action. AXIS is the toolset by which an artist can host their own premier gallery event and primary mint, a game development company can sell assets and avatars for their game, a fashion brand can have their debut in the metaverse with a virtual fashion show, or a non-profit can organize action days and fund their cause with NFT sales. Anyone can create an AXIS and manage the tools with no knowledge of code languages.

The AXIS interface includes:

  • NFT Gate
    • Choose which pages of your AXIS are open to holders of your NFT collection, and which pages are open to all!
  • Obtain Tool
    • Create custom mints hosted directly through your AXIS and on your own smart contract - with no code. Host a drawing, an open edition, an auction, limited edition, and more.
    • Launch a generative NFT collection using our proprietary generative minting tool. Upload your layers, choose your rarity, and test out a few before minting up to 20,000 NFTs in a few clicks.
  • Community Tools
    • Announcements - let your community members know the progress you are making on your project, or remind them about important happenings.
    • Calendar - Set up events and important dates on your community calendar, and allow your members to set notifications for them.
    • Community Beam - Collaborative, modular community work-board. Create custom beams for your members to co-create, chat, and operate from. Use it as a bulletin, a vision board, a community art piece - whatever suits you.
  • XR Experiences
    • Create immersive web and mobile experiences for your members to interact with your project on a deeper level.
  • Marketplace
    • Your project will be integrated directly into Totem’s marketplace, with direct avenues for users to discover your NFTs.
  • NFT Staking
    • Allow your community members to stake your NFTs, committing to the project, and earning $CTZN along the way.
  • Physical Item Shop
    • Offer merch and physical assets to some or all of your members based on the NFTs (or certain metadata) they hold. Classic e-commerce with a crypto twist.
  • DAO Tool
    • Create the framework for your community to take part in the governance and direction of the project. Use our predefined DAO structures to keep it simple and also allow your members to gain status in the larger Totem DAO along the way. Ever expanding functionality based on custom or community needs.

The AXIS framework allows any community to easily activate blockchain functionality for their project and have access to a large network of users interested in Web3 projects / brands.

The AXIS tool will be continuously developed and updated with input from the communities and project leaders as Web3 develops further.