Each person who takes part in the Totem ecosystem is a Citizen.
Our community promise:

To create an innovative and energetic community that is fair, equitable, open, and prosperous. A community where people feel connected, understood, and empowered. Within this community is honesty, respect, and a mutual desire to solve problems and grow.

Totem embeds our values into the fabric of our systems, while creating space for diversity. There is a place for all citizens in our community.

What follows are Totem's core values. We hope they resonate with you:

1. tEk with meaning.

You want your virtual experience to have meaning and significance. But the algorithms and rules of existing platforms limit who you can be. As a global citizen, you desire a virtual world where you can express your true self; a place to connect with others authentically.
Social media activity should not be a daily drag, or leave you feeling drained after using it. In Totem, we co-create interactive social missions that have impact and feel real. You will have the ability to create businesses and revenue in a way that empowers society at large.
The algorithms and rules of existing platforms limit who you can be, but Totem ensures your virtual experience will have both meaning and significance. As global citizens, we all desire a virtual world where we can express our true selves and connect authentically with others.

2. tEk with integrity.

You know that future Tek like the Metaverse must reflect and integrate with the real world, not serve as an escape from it. You seek out and support companies who want to use technology to genuinely improve the world - the environment, access to resources, and quality of life for everyone. You want to know the story behind the hype, and you’re willing to consider the true effects of the products you consume. It’s not good enough to build Tek that disempowers many for the sake of convenience. You do not want technology to take over the world and replace our authentic human experience.

3. Freedom

You know that the existing centralized systems of our society will never allow you to be truly free. You desire data sovereignty as well as fair influence over the future of any platform that you are part of. You can tell the difference between freedom-with-strings and true freedom. You’ve tried to escape the 9-5, live off-grid, or connect with other freedom fighters.
As part of Totem, you’ll have a unique identity and total rights to it. Our business model does not include advertisements, or any type of data-harvesting.

4. Digital Ownership

You want to own your digital identity and assets of true value. Like many other people, you are tired of renting your life from power brokers - the old guard. If only accessible ways of generating wealth were available. You’ve thought about creating a business or switching your existing business to an environment that is transparent and has trust, although you may lack the place and knowledge to do so.
Whether you are just getting started, or you already have a huge community, Totem gives you tools and guidance to become a Web3 business and property owner.

5. Interdependence.

You know that a prosperous future is built on collaboration, not zero-sum competition. You seek out partners to compliment your strengths. You are excited about co-creating because you know that, together, we can build more wondrous things than any of us alone. You look at natural systems, like trees sharing resources through mycelium networks, and wish our society could be more like that.
Totem will be fully interoperable across multiple blockchains with a variety of tools. We’ll develop and/or host the best tools available for a wide variety of used cases.

6. Crypto Curious and Connoisseurs

Maybe you have dabbled a bit in blockchain or cryptocurrencies, and the concept and promise intrigues you. Or maybe you are a first adopter, an evangelist even. You’ve bought and held crypto-coins, joined discords, or have been actively building technologies or blockchain-based businesses. You recognize that most people experience a shift in mindset when they discover blockchain. Wherever you are on the spectrum, there is a place for you in Totem.

7. Art

You see the world as art. You care about beauty, design, and aesthetics. You know the power of great art to reach understandings beyond the world of logic. You understand that art and culture, empowered with Tek, drives innovation. You value quality, depth, intention and curation in your experiences - on and offline.
For you, Totem hosts a full primary and secondary marketplace for curated NFT collections to help artists become equipped and empowered as they build with us, into Web3.