What will it be like to be in Totem?
Imagine your current normal: You live in a digital world of constant notifications seeking your attention against a background of whirling changes in society. You want out but have nowhere to go.
You seek refuge in the safe harbor of Totem. Suddenly, the constant digital noise dies down. It’s a whole new environment, yet intuitive. You feel at home. Every new place you look resonates and excites.
You are drawn to a community of like-minded artists who are sculpting the unknown into known through their tools. They inspire you to express more of your authentic self, in your chosen medium. You feel a sense of belonging and no longer are drained from mindless scrolling.
You step into Totem XR and choose your identity. At first you casually hang out with your friends, going to concerts, and playing some games. Then, you go deeper into the Metaverse. You send your newly minted NFTs on missions, and you explore mysterious planets with unique and stunning terrain. There you obtain precious minerals and assets. You forge these resources to create even more power as you upgrade and build out your avatar.
While questing in the furthest reaches of XR, you realize you are learning real world skills. It dawns on you that this is not just a game. Others see your progress in the form of interoperable badges that reflect your achievements. You increase your value in a marketplace of ideas and composable skills to bring about a regenerative new earth.
As you activate and reveal your genius, currency flows to you. It feels natural. People see themselves in your work and express appreciation. You surrender and ground into the abundant flow and draw closer to the people around you. Your ideas gain traction and you are able to influence the direction of your community through thoughtful discussions and connecting with others.
Excited and connected, you experience overflow. You give back into streams of abundance, alchemized by the ecosystem. You leverage the tools of Totem and synthesize people and ideas to create new business systems. You are a unique instrument in the symphony of creation.
As you journey further, you realize Totem is a doorway back to your heart - your center.
You become the bridge between worlds. Bringing overflow to Earth through your joy infused with the Tek. As you emanate your inherent value, you see ripples of positive change everywhere. You see the impact you have in the real world.
You ride the waves of the rapidly shifting planet. You are now the safe harbor for others. You are home.