Creator Community

Our team has learned the ins and outs of healthy, sustainable community building. Totem hosts a vast amount of artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators and aims to build the creator tools to allow for co-creation of art and experiences together.
So many people want to get involved in crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse and we want to help many more. For artists, we help them get onboarded into Web3 so they can amplify their voice and integrate into the markets. For entrepreneurs that are developing tools, we also take a community approach. Instead of new developers being subject to the gauntlet of app store approvals and exclusivity - and afterwards left to fend for themselves - we hold space for true innovation. Create an AXIS, integrate your tool directly into Totem and merge your community with Totem’s.
How? We have built out a very effective toolset that allows us to define the needs of each new Decentralized App (dApp) or project and help them make their metaversal debut. Plug your tool directly into our user interface as a widget, or create a community funnel from Totem to your offering, with special perks for members (NFT Holders) of your AXIS.
Each project is unique, so we make capital agreements on a case-by-case basis to grant access to our blockchain dev team, game dev team, marketing team, influencer database, currency, our NFT marketplace, and other metaversal building tools. We aim to create as many positive sum scenarios as possible on the way to Web3. Our partners share our vision for a new earth and ecofuture.
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