The DAO has several layers of governance:
  • Approve, Present Proposals and Define Actionable plans
  • Approves & presents proposals to Oracles
  • Proposal of problems and opportunities to the Council
  • Vote on final proposals

Key concepts in Totem and its governance are composability, fluidity and meritocracy.

Our DAO is a highly composable toolset and provides components that can be chosen and combined for an endless variety of organizational structures to serve each citizen. Take advantage of every single tool in Totem to progress your own goals, whatever they may be.
Totem governance fluidity provides a dynamic DAO to support community growth and development over time. Citizens can earn the right to become Stewards and be promoted by the community to be Elders or Chiefs. Oracles, Chiefs, and Elders may choose to become Citizens in the course of time. Citizens may establish their own governance rules in their own AXIS, and in turn become leaders in these communities.
Finally, Totem DAO is a meritocracy. Citizens’ activity and the quality of their input will guide the decision making process in the community, not just the amount of tokens they hold. An intricate badge system will recognize and award citizens’ contribution to the community. These achievement symbols are an expression of both honor and increased influence and responsibility.