How do we approach a DAO?

We will include DAO functionality at every level of Totem - both in the main dashboard and in each individual AXIS.
Many Metaverse DAOs are decentralized in name only. The governance power remains mainly in the hands of founders and investors. Citizens only get piecemeal voting rights. This limits the full creative potential of the metaverse community.
Totem prides itself on its Citizen Promise (a fair, equitable, open, and prosperous community). We will avoid the mistakes of the early pioneers of the internet. Key decisions need to be taken by and through the community, not by powerful Big Tech or Big Data moguls. Totem’s unique DAO aims to create the most action oriented, just, and innovative community possible.
In the New Earth governance, not only staking $CTZN, but bringing value and merit to the community as a whole will grant you real governance rights in the DAO - denoted through our badge system. We will operate from a model of progressive decentralization, wherein we shift to full community self-management over time. As the metaverse grows so will the representation of all citizens.
Last modified 11mo ago