Progressive Decentralization

There are 3 loose phases that determine the influence of the DAO on the ecosystem.

Phase 1: Small decentralized team DAO

As we get all the systems of Totem up and running, power will necessarily be focused in the team creating it. And, we are a decentralized team of sovereign creators making collaborative decisions. We are already an off-chain DAO. Since we already act this way, the next phases will expand the size of our membership and connect it to the DAO Tek.

Phase 2: Community DAOs around Totem

We will be rolling out our governance system in sectors. XOiDs will be the initial sector, where the community will be able to promote leaders to the higher tiers of governance. Voting will be related to immediate community needs first. This means that most people fulfilling a certain condition (holding $CTZN for example) will have the right to vote. An example of a topic would be, “Do the citizens want the community reward fund allocated to x or y?

Phase 3: Full decentralization with a DAO led Governance

Based on the lessons learned from Phase 2, Phase 3 will eventually ripple across all of Totem. The issues voted on and the voting system will increase in complexity. This means that there will be tiers and different status of voters with different voting power based on transparent meritocratic factors, facilitated by the badge system. An example of a complex vote is “We want to move from a centralized infrastructure to decentralized nodes. Do you agree?” You can see how only certain people should be able to vote on this topic.
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