We are all Prophets.
Welcome to totem's social mission! 🌱🚀
We are not separate from nature or each other. Therefore, the beating heart of any regenerative economic system is the focus on the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.
Totem has committed 7% of our token allocations for active and authentic social impact. We have secured, supported, and are expanding a list of hands-on and effective relationships for maximum planetary support.
Just a few examples are planting trees, building wells, and decoding animal language as we work to save species. Our social missions will be on the blockchain for everyone to participate and provide a platform for all voices and initiatives to be heard and funded by the larger community.
In addition to funding non-profit work through this pillar of Totem, we work directly with for-profit companies and brands that practice sustainable business methods and desire to utilize the blockchain to further this mission along with transparency and equality for all. One of our notable projects is Logos MMXX, eco-gold secured and traced on the blockchain that facilitates the cleaning of water through sales.
Projects we currently support and projects we plan to support include:
Did we mention that all the gold used for creating physical copies of digital art is Eco Gold...