Consider the year 2030. TOTEM continues to flourish.
Citizens have created hundreds of new businesses, while TOTEM art has caused a digital cultural Renaissance. A mass of thought leadership has emerged carrying new ideas on novel ways to use Tek in pure harmony with Earth.
While so many live, socialize, make money, and play in the virtual world, the really striking change has been in the real world. That’s because the innovations and heart-centered developments in the virtual world then set the template for a more equitable world on Earth.
Through these digital tools, people reformed property ownership, governance, energy systems, work, and business. New cooperative communities sprang up all over the world.
Emboldened by these tools, we came into greater balance with the planet. New plantations of formerly endangered floral species are flourishing, while new Tek is pushing back pollution on a local and global scale. Together we planted millions of trees, reduced plastic in the ocean by 50%, established regenerative food and energy systems for hundreds of communities, and lifted the quality of life for billions of people.
There are still incredible challenges on the planet, but we have co-created a crowd-sourced platform for planetary change, where everyone experiences freedom and ownership. We are working together with each other, and the Earth.