In Conclusion

Totem is a worldwide community platform, providing ecosystems & tools for creators to bring ideas to life and people together. We are a team of artists and builders bridging the gap between community, tek, and culture through our cloud operating system - redefining how we digitally relate to each other and ourselves.
Our platform is human centric - focused on unifying communities, increasing value of life for our members, and providing an authentic digital experience. We build with hopes to live in a world with protected human freedoms, a system held up together, with guidelines based on shared values and earth centered systems to sustain abundance, innovation, and safety for all citizens. From social networks to your favorite games -
We are now in the metaverse, find your center.
" What we are building is far more valuable than money, tokens, or digital currencies. It’s a new system for humanity to live life sustainably, equitably, and abundantly. Every dollar we raise through our public token is used to build and sustain innovative earth Tek, ecofuture tools and life-expansive offerings for Earth's Citizens. We will be in land, Tek, healthcare, education, gold, and more. That’s why it’s called Totem New Earth Systems. :) "
-Daniel Hanks (CEO @ Totem)