Totem Marketplace

A fully integrated Web3 dashboard is not complete without on-the-spot access to all of your NFTs and a market to trade them.
Unlike any existing Web3 marketplace, Totem creates a regenerative circular economy through systems like renting and trading.
The marketplace offers highly customizable filters so you are never lost in the process of obtaining what you need. At a glance, you can see the utility (staking, forging, access, etc) and rarity of prospective NFTs.
You can rent NFTs to more easily gain access to NFT utility, attend events, or create another source of income.
Don’t know how to mint, trade, or rent your NFTs? With our guided tools, minting, buying, holding, and trading NFTs has never been easier.

Core Features

  • Buy and sell NFTs, display them on your dashboard and in Totem XR.
  • Take part in exclusive and gated drops from world-renowned artists - in and out of the metaverse.
  • See NFT utility and rarity at a glance while browsing.
  • NFTs can give you access to different areas of Totem XR, and some can be staked in different AXIS for rewards.
  • Rent NFTs so that more Citizens can have access to utility in Totem and renters have an additional source of generating income.
  • Forge NFTs and create real world representations of digital artwork.
  • Curation for quality and community. We empower and onboard exceptional artists into Web3.
  • Aligned with nature. Forged Artwork is forged using only eco-conscious materials (mined and produced in ecological and sustainable ways) --- high quality materials, whether that be eco-gold, hand painted canvas, organic clothing, etc.
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