The World Today

Vol 001
The invention of the internet gave humanity hope and a promise. It promised deeper connections between individuals across the world. It promised to be a place where humans could truly be free while being more empowered than any generation in the past. A universal digital network that was owned by all who wanted to enter. A fully decentralized free zone for the Citizens of this Earth.
What has come of this promise? Has it made us citizens better off as individuals? Has it improved the world's mental health and spirit? Are we more humane? More creative? More connected? No.
Despite increasingly better technology with more ways to connect, more people are feeling socially isolated, and devoid of meaning than ever. Sure, many people are better off financially, we can communicate with each other easier, and we have access to more information than ever before. Although despite having the technology to solve the world’s biggest problems like climate change, most people do not feel like they can meaningfully organize or contribute. So why is the internet of today not working for most people?
The cause? The internet went from a free place where all could express and pioneer, to a place where a few big companies bind people to a group of centralized platforms. In these platforms, we like, tweet, upvote, and share semi polished images and videos so that others may like us better and we feel less alone. But in fact, we increasingly feel more disconnected and lonely.
People everywhere want to escape the meaningless social media rat race on centralized platforms, although they are not sure where to go. Where are the alternatives for a truly free digital place for you and us, the Citizens of the New Earth?
Our freedom is under threat by centralized Big Data more than ever. The data kings of platforms already own our digital identities and now they are trying to monopolize the Metaverse: a space intended for open collaboration and cooperation. We have a chance to stop the digital take over, to avoid being taken advantage of for even more of our data. We have the ultimate opportunity to avoid the mistakes of the early pioneers of the internet. If we do not act and proactively create the digital and physical worlds we want to live in, then we will make the same mistakes they did. Next time, we will not get a chance to reset.
The internet is an essential part of our lives but it is not owned by the people. We have to ensure that the Metaverse is owned by us. We can not leave the design of it up to big corporations, ready to infringe once more on the freedom of Metaverse citizens.
The Metaverse is a place for finding meaning and true connection. The rise of blockchain has allowed us all to clearly see that many of us are aligned with a similar vision and hold like-minded values. With this, The Metaverse truly is a place to flourish as spiritual beings, as entrepreneurs, and as true independent Citizens of the Earth.
This is Totem’s offering; a gateway for us to co-create a network that we can all trust, a basecamp to build a metaverse for us, by us.