Dynamic Staking Model

Staking is often a linear and transactional process. In addition to staking for a fixed reward yield, we have gamified ways to increase the value, which will be tracked via your Totem dashboard. As new functionality rolls out in the platform, new protocols will be created to accommodate.
Stake for NFT rewards
  • Access tools, communities, etc.
  • Acquire badges (show proof of involvement/support) for rewards such as governance rights.
  • AXIS-specific utility such as staking XOiDs for missions.
Hybrid Staking
Stake $CTZN with NFTs for tiered rewards that allow both increasing rarities and creating new NFTs.
Stake for unlocking features and virtual space
Later phases of the ecosystem will be fully co-created with the community through both shared ideas and incentives.
Stake for impact
The best ideas and most just causes should rise to the top. So, we will utilize DeFi protocols to help fund impact initiatives and incubate business, and those that contribute will be rewarded along the Earth badge path.