Revenue Generation

Totem does not profit off of data, or advertisements. Native currency allows for our citizens and ourselves to earn as our tooling and platform is used. Additionally, our B2B model is the backbone of our revenue generation.

Sources of Revenue

AXIS Onboarding
  • The base AXIS toolset is free, but additional tools must be paid for.
  • Some AXIS tools will remain bespoke and paid for through a capital agreement - such as XR builds.
  • Obtain tool fees - a % of primary mint sales through AXIS go to Totem.
Marketplace Fees
  • While staying competitive, we do have a small fee on marketplace transactions.
  • Although If you hold an Infinity Medallion, you will enjoy feeless transactions in perpetuity.
3rd party tools
  • Any tool that offers paid functionality, will have an ecosystem fee.
While people can buy art through the marketplace with Ethereum, transacting in $CTZN will save you money in fees.

What happens once the revenue is in the treasury?

It can either be used to:
  • Strategically stimulate the reserve fund (to promote liquidity)
  • Invest in ecosystem development (to increase the utility of $CTZN)
  • Given to citizens as rewards for various actions they take in Totem.


In addition to generating revenue, Totem will ensure the long term validity of the ecosystem through partnerships with Web3 tool developers and community leaders.
New AXIS communities will be continually onboarded onto Totem. This will increase the amount of citizens and the utility of $CTZN as it is used for minting, rewarding, and more within the new community.


Ethereum created a way for people to build dApps (what we call tools). Totem allows people to USE dApps.
Totem will onboard all of the top web3 tools for integration into our dashboard as a service. This will allow users the ease of use and composability of their web3 tool set all in one UI.
Once a tool is onboarded, they will gain access to all Totem users, in exchange for increasing the value of the $CTZN token. This will happen in two key ways:
  • $CTZN will be encouraged as the main method of currency for all tools.
  • Totem will earn a small % of transactions that happen through the tool within Totem and execute $CTZN buybacks with said income