Totem Deepdive

Here you’ll learn about how our values guide our approach, and the nuts and bolts of how we accomplish this. It is a deepdive for intrepid citizens who want to unearth the inner workings of Totem.
For more clarity on the terms we use, check out the glossary at the back of OPAL.


Our philosophy of Earth - Tek is mainstreamed throughout Totem.
So what does that mean?
Totem is inspired by how nature self-organizes to perfection. Look at the excellence of a crystal. Many atoms come together to form perfect molecules that then unite to form a perfect crystal. The crystal doesn’t need a central body to organize. Nature’s energy and autonomy are sufficient.
In the same vein, the blockchain is at its essence a collection of nodes that can self-organize to perfection, in the right enabling environment. We are not separate from nature. We learn from the power and energy of the earth to create a symbiotic relationship between nature and technology.
The Earth-tEk alliance.
Our ancient ancestors already knew of nature’s elegance. They were fully aligned with it and used its power to create the technology needed to flourish. They worked with nature, as they knew they were not separate from it. They did not attempt to subjugate it at the expense of the natural balance.
Totem takes that ancient wisdom and applies it to our modern times. It empowers all citizens in the metaverse to create something more beautiful than any one person could do alone. For this, we don’t need a centralized authority. Blockchain decentralized self-organization and the right Tek are all we need.
In Totem you find the Earth-Tek essence in all we do by:
  • Enabling people to get involved in an open Metaverse.
  • Giving them the tools to set up identities, communities and businesses that run on these networks.
  • Inspiring people to create, come together and build a better future.
A better you, a better us, a better world.


Each layer of the Totem represents an essential aspect of the ecosystem.
Connection - Every cause has its effect; Every effect has its cause;… This is the deep interweaving of purpose into your daily life. Blend beneficial impact into all you do through Prophet.
Insight - All is mind. Your destiny makes sense here and you are happy to share in the collective vision. Visualize the roadmaps of phased rollouts of Tek. Participate and direct DAO community goals.
Creativity - Everything flows, out and in; Tools to share. Express your authentic self through tools. Become a creator of an AXIS. Create and sell NFTS.
Safety - Everything is dual. Your digital sovereign identity. This is the experience of belonging. A home on web3. A place to feel seen and accepted. Be part of communities with values that resonate.
Orbit - Nothing rests; Everything moves; This is the state of flow. You move with fluidity between tools and communities, following your intention. Interoperable tools. Frictionless interface that is both familiar and empowering.
Feeling - Everything has its masculine and feminine principles;… This represents the feeling of support you have when you interact with the Tek. You navigate on your terms and needs. It helps you. All the tools you need are in one place.
Rooted - As above, so below. The bottom of the Totem represents the foundation of what you hold and do with us. The trustless architecture of the blockchain. The platform of the O.S. The collection of objects that are sacred to you.