Totem XR

Open Metaverse
Totem XR is the third dimension of Totem - a vast and interconnected virtual space.
At its center it is a social hub, where Citizens express their unique identity through avatars and wearable NFT items. Together they can participate in AMAs, live concerts, and mini games.
This also serves as the gateway and engine to the wider TOTEM Metaverse for both project owners and users. The platform and world is designed in a way to easily discover new experiences in the metaverse, and take with you your avatars and NFT items into those experiences.
AXIS will branch off into their own contained virtual worlds with their unique communities, quests, games, markets, and more. AXIS XR experiences are a core offering we have for brands hosting their communities on Totem. Our proprietary web-focused game engine is optimized for multiplayer experiences with minimal hardware requirements, mobile-friendliness, and blockchain integrations. We handle the technical aspects so our AXIS partners can focus on art and experience design.
Last modified 1yr ago