Core Features

What will it be like in Xela Earth
Totem XR is a place where you can:
  • Connect and chat with others in immersive virtual spaces
  • Host, browse, and wear NFTs
  • Play to earn, learn, connect by engaging in a variety of games and quests
  • Discover and co-create new spaces with innovative social, gaming, governance, and economic functions
  • Progress in Totem based on your actions and impact
AXIS in XR will have completely different features, and every AXIS will be unique.
For example, XOiD XR will host:
  • An expanding virtual world of planets
  • A cinematic storyline integrated in the quest
  • Crafting resources and items
  • In-game cosmetic NFT items
  • And much more to be revealed including AR integration
Other XR experiences may include:
  • Music Events
  • Play and Earn
  • Landplots and customization
  • Live interactive AMAs
  • Co-Creation of art / experiences
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