The Next Dimension

And why it matters.
When most people think of the Metaverse, they think of 3D immersive worlds. This isn’t a requirement, but more an emergent property of Web3 as people desire more meaning and depth from their virtual experiences (along with wanting them to reflect more of a real-world interaction)
Our branch of the Metaverse, Totem XR, brings more presence and depth to other aspects of Totem and its communities. AXIS communities will have a 2D interface within Totem and optionally, an immersive experience within Totem XR.
For example, XOiDs can access their community in Totem to check announcements, mint new items, and stake their NFTs - then can hop into Totem XR to play with friends on quests and minigames.
For now, you might ask, why access it in 3D vs 2D? People asked a similar question 20 years ago: Why go to the website of the restaurant when you can just call them? Societal trends will change as the Metaverse comes alive. More people may prefer the presence, verisimilitude or additional features of a 3D interface.
For example, the XOiD AXIS in XR will offer play-to-earn benefits for those wanting to create NFTs, or interact with the world. It will offer more ways to display the work of artists and creators, and more ways to organize groups of people towards missions in the real world.

Tek will be everywhere, so we better get it right

Just like the fundamental aspects of Web2 (user-generated content, social media) have become part of the fabric of our lives, so too will aspects of Web3. As everything gains machine intelligence, and the infrastructure of the internet scales more sustainably, every possible thing will be connected and relate to everything else. As AR interfaces come to maturity, the physical world and virtual world will be more connected than ever.
This is why the standards of Web3 (and our philosophy) must be adhered to. Because that’s the only way to have a healthy relationship with Tek in our lives.