Unity, Utility, and Humanity

How would these concepts of unity, utility, and humanity look like in practice?


Though there are many different tools, the experience of using them follows one continuous flow. For example, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your wallet, trade, swap, and display your NFTs, socially, without going to several different service websites. You’ll be able to easily switch between chatting with your community and voting on proposals in the DAO. And, though you can use many tools, the interface will look the same across all of them.


Totem has a robust and ever expanding toolset for a wide variety of use cases across identity, commerce, community building, gaming, and organization. You’ll be able to pin different tools to your dashboard in any way you like. Each tool is composable and can be configured to work in synergy with any other tool. All tools are designed to be interoperable. Any new tools onboarded into the operating system will follow these principles.


The goal of using Tek is to improve life, so we’ve reduced distractions and overly sticky experiences. You control your notifications. And your dashboard isn’t just a list of statistics - it’s an expression of you. You’ll be able to customize how your interface looks with Alloys (skins) to create your own profile identity, and activate a more personalized experience through ‘starmetrics’ and specializations - integrating your unique birth and personality types directly into your Tek.