User Journey Mechanics

Unlike other social platforms, Totem will chart your epic journey from day 1. This happens in a few key ways.


Your Avatar is your digital representation within Totem XR. Different Avatars will grant different access. Hologenetix: Grants access to XR and minigames XOiDs: Grant access to the XOiD XR Questline

Specialization Badges

These badges show your progression in the OS, and reflect your achievements in the community. They give you meaningful rewards, like higher governance rights in the DAO, premier art space, and hosting events in XR.
They will track progress throughout all of Totem, including the AXIS, marketplace, and XR. Everything you do contributes to your journey.
Badges will be tiered. Lower tiers will be driven by taking action in Totem. Higher tiers will be achieved through impact in the community.
There will be multiple badge paths based on specialization. Citizens will be able to lean into their genius and be recognized for it.
ETHER (economy) - Currency is the means of energy exchange within Totem. Those who follow the ethereal path will be rewarded by expanding Totem’s abundance.
AIR (art) - Art symbolizes great ideas and realization. Those who follow the path of air will be rewarded with eternal artistic representation.
EARTH (prophet) - This path traces your impact on the Earth itself, rewarding Citizens with stewardship over Totem’s Earth-Tek alliance.
WATER (social) - Community is the essential current that energizes all that TOTEM represents. Excel in WATER and become a central node of our Web3 community.
FIRE (Tek) - Development ensures the long term stability of Totem’s ecosystem. Those who forge unique tech will be rewarded with power and utility to chart the path of Totem’s future.
Learn more about our intricate badge and DAO system on our website.


Missions are interactive experiences that let citizens utilize their NFTs to gain rewards (through staking). They will start simple, and grow to include strategic interactions with multiple resources.


Quests are immersive story experiences within XR, designed by top game designers. These will include a variety of evolving game mechanics over time.
Missions and quests will contribute to progression for badges and avatars.