XOiDs Fleet 001

We are XOiDs
An XR (extended reality) gaming, learning, & social platform.
  • Obtain your very own XOïD (Xela XR's MetaPassport with 1 of 1 Xela Character Collectible).
  • Releasing specific amounts of XOïDs to the public via creators to their supporters, revealing limited invitations to Xela's metaverse.
  • Create your own avatar (via Totem, your metaID profile).
  • Reserve your own spaceship and prepare for both growth & adventure.
  • Manage your profile, avatar, projects and terrain on the starmap interface and helmet dashboard.
  • Upcoming terrain and experiences: from virtual NFT galleries, goods & services, events, and more!
XOïD NFT collectibles unlock meta-unique avatars & provides early membership access to Xela.
Xela Avatar, Genesis Series Suit