Access & Traits

Our tek.
Access Keys
  • XOiD Axis - XOiD Axis will be your Dashboard and HUD hosted through our website. Here you will be able to see your private XOiDs, inventory of ships, keys, badges, artifacts and minerals you may collect on your journey, access Xela XR, chat with the community, get news and take part in all upcoming events.
  • XELA XR - Xela XR is the metaverse that XOiDs exist in. Be the first to set (digital) foot inside the Xela mothership. Explore the main deck, talk with other XOiDs, and grab your mintpass for the first fleet of XOiDships.
  • XOiD AR - Be the first to manifest your virtual XOiD in Augmented Reality and accomplish missions through your human counterpart.
  • XOiD Ships - You must hold a XOiD to acquire a XOiD Ship. Your ships will allow you to send your XOiD on missions to play the game to earn $CTZN rewards, acquire upgrades like the laboratory to synthesize Rare Earth Materials (NFTs), and discover new planets...
Tech - Smart Contracts and Generative Art
XOiDs are a true generative NFT project. Your NFT will never be seen before you mint it - every trait is assembled on-chain in an instant. You are taking part in the unique creation that is your XOiD, your identity within Xela XR. With a total of 313 traits, there are trillions of possibilities, and all of this metadata is stored directly on the blockchain using an ERC - 721 protocol at the time of minting, for provable rarity. Your traits will never change, and no more XOiDs from your fleet will ever be minted.
Environment - 40
Suit - 43
Genetix - 51
Helmet - 35
Badge - 23
Visor - 37
Wings - 23
Gender - 3
Artifact - 35
Mutation - 23
TOTAL - 313 Traits
Through Genetix, a user can splice and mix their XOiDs to create something new. The Genetix sequencer will randomly assign attributes and appearance based on the XOiD input. Genetix makes it possible to create without limit and combine your favorite or least favorite XOiDs into something different and possibly never before observed. Coming soon...Every XOiD from Fleet 001 will have primary genes for use in our Genetix Sequencer. What will your XOiDs evolve into, and what will it give you access to?