Enter the XOiD
It’s the year 2,224 BCE on the planet Xeta…something new is brewing in the air. Townsfolk cover their windows as darkness rolls through the streets.
This night is unlike most - the day has just begun but the sun is blotted out, enveloping the land in darkness and leaving the early risers scared and confused. Many speculate about what this omen means; is it the wrath of displeased gods? Is it a sign of disaster and destruction?
The villagers watch as hundreds of beams of dark light seem to scan their town, looking for something, or someone. All the spears of light seem to converge on one spot: the blacksmithing shop. A young man, the blacksmith’s apprentice, steps out into the light-covered street and stares up at the sky as the light envelopes him. The village watches as black glitter surrounds the Xetian boy until they can no longer see him. Then as everyone peers over one another, in a blink, the young man vanishes, and the light of their burning star slowly returns.
Modern science waves it off as being folklore from just another total solar eclipse, relating to the lunar cycle. Every 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours the sun's light is covered by the moon. However, there is more to this story than a simple planetary alignment. At exactly this time every 18 years a portal is opened across every galaxy and universe that comprises the metaverse. This portal is benevolent and sentient and can detect the smallest trace of energetic greatness. In the gaze of its hypnotic twilight, it scans each planet in search of a chosen few, worthy enough to transcend to the XOiD.
Very few know of this cosmic phenomenon and an even smaller percentage are worthy of ascension. Across the metaverse, exceptional male, female and androgynous beings are pulled from their planets in order to fulfill a higher purpose. They are chosen to be the new creators in the endless voids between the stars and instructed to fill this space and breed new life as they see fit.
From before the dawn of life as we know it, one being commanded the supreme domain over time and space: Xela, the Sovereign. This entity was neither alive nor dead. As its immortal energy watched chaos break out within the most isolated sectors of space, Xela began to devise a plan. Xela constructed a recruitment system to find only those worthy of its power. In an instant, the XOiD armada appeared, ushering in an era of creation and protection across the metaverse. The first of the XOiDs were ordained ‘Key Holders’, protectors of a sacred key that allowed them to time-warp across vast regions of previously unexplored space. These were the pioneers of new space.
Each new planet the XOiD fleet creates will eventually birth sentient life making them eligible for the XOiD portal every 18 human years. The ranks of the XOiDs grow endlessly, as each XOiD crafts new planets that will ultimately produce tremendous life forms, once again restarting this cycle. Xela’s system is flawless in its design, giving creators the tools to ascend the mortal plain and invent new forms of life, death, prosperity, and destruction; all of these instruments are different but together they harness the true potential of beings. Knowing from birth their days are numbered and keeping the means of transcending a secret has given the inhabitants of this universe a sense of haste that has separated the good from the great.
For eons, the XOiDs have created new worlds and brought prosperity to existing ones, but like all things, times change. A mysterious force has gripped the metaverse. XOiDs are being controlled by some unidentified power deep in the forbidden regions of Altered space.
Xela has commanded her battalions to find the source of this encroaching darkness in order to destroy it, but many XOiDs have already fallen into its control.
The protection of the metaverse falls to us, as we are the last vestige of light and prosperity to find the Totem before it is too late.
When minting a XOiD, you are pulling a being from the other end of the galaxy and transmuting them into an inhabitant of Xela. Time is not linear, so all of this is happening instantaneously for you but takes what feels like millennia in this separate quadrant of space.