Mission Statement

Mechanics & Utility
Mission Statement
XOiDs have been coded as a portal into Totem's metaverse, Xela XR. With XOiD NFTs - everyone will have an avatar within Xela XR and a central point from which to navigate this new realm. The word "Avatar" originates from Hinduism, representing a God or Goddess that has descended from the heavens and come to Earth in terrestrial form. In the metaverse, avatars are digital representations of ourselves - they are all the things one can be. With your XOiD, you are entering into a an ever-evolving and expanding world that encompasses all of what Web3 has and will have to offer. As you evolve, your avatar will as well. We aim to provide an expansive world of art and utility, across the metaverse and the Earthly plane. Our team consists of visual artists, artists of code, world builders, musicians, social engineers, and more. Across Totem, you will find an NFT marketplace, a metaversal token, a social platform, a play to earn game, and an XR universe that you are about to gain access to. XOiD is your access point.
Drop Mechanics
XOiDs will have an initial limited supply of 4,444. Minting a XOiD from Fleet 001 will cost .077 ETH. 444 XOiD Mintpasses will be earned for active members of our Discord, early adopters, winning giveaways, contests and more.
  • XOiD Genesis 00 of 222 XOiDs launches November 11th
  • XOiD Fleet 001 of 4,444 XOiDs launches end of November
You can choose to mint 1 or 3 XOiDs. We have decided to limit each mint to maximum of 3 in hopes of spreading the ownership to more people so our community is diverse and resilient. Through a DAO vote in the future, more generative collectible NFKeys will provide new fun and funded ways to onboard to our metaverse and operating system - Next up, XOiD Ships.
  • Fleet 001 will get the first chance to claim the Genesis XOiD Ships
  • Holders of Fleet 001 will receive free airdrops - did someone say space kitties?
  • Fleet 001 has primary Genetix for use in the sequencer
  • Earn the first badges to become leader of your fleet and discover new worlds
  • Commercial rights to your XOiD - You can do what you please with your avatar.
Fleet 001 was created in a 32 bit Lo Fi art style by artist Mark Lee (@somnio8). This style is mesmerizing in the detail that can be captured with so few pixels. It also allows for a level of interpretation to be left up to the viewer. Many pathways remain open for higher definition iterations of XOiDs and their artifacts, which you can expect to see very soon.